100% Fruit Juice

100% Fruit Juice

1Litter, 500mls

Dendairy 100% Juices use only the best fruits selected in season from around the world. Apples, Oranges, Grapes and other fruits are picked fresh. The fruit and their skin is expressed with some natural flavour and colour coming from the skins, within hours the juices are frozen to keep them fresh and transported around the world still frozen to KweKwe. We then crush the frozen juices, sterilise the juice at 95C for 35 seconds and pack in a perfectly clean environment. Only boxed UHT (ultra high temperature) juices have no preservative. The process is 100% safe and makes sure that your body is not consuming preservatives which may cause hyperactivity in kids and irritation in adults

Dendairy 100% Juice is the only Juice manufactured in Zimbabwe which is made from 100% fruit juice and is 100% preservative free.


Mango & Orange, Orange, Red Grape, Apple


Lasts 9 months (best served chilled)