Food and Safety Policy

Dendairy strives to produce high quality and safe dairy and non-dairy food products that meet the customers' expectations and satisfaction. In order to consistently meet this obligation the company shall:

• Abide by local and world food governing bodies regulatory and statutory requirements.
• Abide by Industry best practices such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Hygiene Practices (GHP), Good Storage Practices (GSP) and Good Distribution Practices (GDP) among others.
• Ensure total involvement of all employees at all levels.
• Ensure involvement of all stakeholders in the food chain system.
• Establish and review its food safety objectives for their continual suitability.

Quality Policy Statement

Dendairy strives to grow and produce high quality and good value food products that meet customers' expectations.

• Dendiary is committed to providing products that meet both customer and statutory requirements and continual improvement of the business.
• The Quality Policy is communicated and understood within the organisation.
• The Policy can be availed to interested parties upon request when necessary.
• The Policy is continually reviewed for suitability and relevance in line with changing business strategy.
• This Quality Policy provides a framework for setting quality objectives.