UHT & Supa Milk TetraPak

 UHT & Supa Milk TetraPak

Full Cream Milk:
500ml, 1 litre

2% Low Fat Milk
1 litre

Supa Milk:
500ml, 1 litre


100% natural milk with no preservatives.

Dendairy milk is smooth rich and creamy. With Dendairy milk you are guaranteed high quality milk ensured by our laboratory which does over 50 quality tests every day. UHT treatment is a thermal process for preserving liquid milk. Micro-organisms are killed by heating to 137 - 140 degrees C for a very short time, only 3 seconds. So Dendairy UHT milk has no preservatives or bacteria and is safe to store without refrigeration. Try Dendairy milk against our competition and taste the rich and creamy flavour.


Lasts 9 months